Corona virus (COVID-19)

Bäckman Blästermaskiner AB and Svensk Blästring & Maskinteknik AB (SBM) follow the advice of the Public Health Authority and other authorities when it comes to preventing the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19).

 The following measures have been taken:

  • All staff are urged to maintain good hand hygiene and to continuously wash their hands during the working day.

  • At the first signs and symptoms of illness, such as cough, sore throat and / or fever, our employees have been given clear instructions to avoid all contact with colleagues and external contacts and to leave the workplace immediately. The same applies if someone gets similar symptoms at home - you must take sick leave and seek information on how long you should stay at home.

  • We have introduced extended cleaning routines.

  • All staff who have external contacts, such as our service technicians, can send a contagion insurance digitally before each visit.

We are constantly following the authorities' advice and regulations and changing our procedures if necessary.

Mats Blåder

CEO Bäckman Blästermaskiner AB and Svensk Blästring & Maskinteknik AB  (SBM)