We like to say that our used machines are like new - and we mean it. Not only are they well-maintained and carefully renovated, they really are in mint condition. At the moment we have many very good value machines on offer. Contact us for more information.

Blast cabinets

3 SBM Skåp 650/800

Max. dimension goods: width 650 mm, height 800 mm

3 st SBM Skåp 800/1000

Max. dimension goods: width 800 mm, height 1000 mm


Filter (new)


1 F-400. Capacity 12600m3/t

1 F-75. Capacity 2500m3/t

3 SBM PR2. Capacity 1040m3/t

2 SBM PR 3. Capacity 1560m3/t

4 SBM PR 4. Capacity 2080 m3/t

1 SBM PR 8. Capacity 4160m3/t

1 SBM PR 9. Capacity 4680m3/t

2 SBM PR 12. Capacity 6240m3/t

1 SBM PR 18. Capacity 9360m3/t

2 SBM PR 21. Capacity 10920m3/t


Fine filter

2 FF-8. Capacity 12000m3/t

1 F-4. Capacity 6000m3/t