About Bäckman Blästermaskiner

About us

In 1939 factory owner Arne Bäckman moved from Kristinehamn to Filipstad. This is when it all started. First it was exclusively as a subcontractor to Wasabröd. Then 20 years later we started to take shape as the Bäckman's we know today.

Today we are the largest manufacturer of industrial blast equipment in the Nordic region, employing some 20 staff. Among other equipment we manufacture customised wheel blast machines and blast rooms with dust filter solutions. We are passionate about tailoring equipment and providing service for industrial blast solutions for customers throughout Europe. Using our responsiveness, solid experience and expertise, we can improve our customers' profitability.


Bäckman Blästermaskiner, 50 years 1969 - 2019

Fifty years and a whole load of sheer perseverance has made us the largest manufacturer of industrial blast equipment in the Nordic region.

A series of clever decisions and a handful of fortuitous circumstances have helped our development. But, above all, the Bäckmans Blästermaskiner AB of today is the result of skilled, dedicated and shrewd people – with the ability and acumen to solve all conceivable and inconceivable problems. Quick, efficient and always with the customer’s best interest in mind. Throughout 2019 we are celebrating our first 50 years in a variety of ways and we will do this together with our customers.

Mats Blåder, CEO:

“Here at Bäckmans we step up to the mark whatever the circumstance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our sheer perseverance and flexibility means that our customers can always rely on us, in all weathers. The company’s unique customer focus has been decisive in our development and will have just as much significance in the future.

This passion, coupled with our exceptional level of service, means we have a clear sight of the future. Together with SBM in Laholm and our customers, we can continue to expand and consolidate our position as the largest Nordic manufacturer of blast equipment. We are now celebrating our first 50 years, whilst also looking ahead to the next 50.”