The Bäckman Award

The Bäckman Award was established in 2019 in connection with the company's 50th anniversary. The award will go to people, organizations or companies who, through their efforts, benefit the inhabitants of Filipstad. The prize amount is SEK 15,000 and will be distributed during spring / summer in Filipstad.

Do you have suggestions for people, organizations or companies that you think will receive the Bäckman Award in 2020? Then contact Mats Blåder, CEO of Bäckman Blästermaskiner. He can be reached on phone + 46 70 334 56 33 or via e-mail

Bäckman Award 2019

On the Jubilee Day, May 23, 2019, the Bäckman Award was handed over to the founders and creators of Filipstad Skateboard Park, Robin Fryk and Marcus Söderstedt. The skateboard park has become an important meeting place for all ages in Filipstad. The park also attracts visitors from other parts of Sweden and has thus become a tourist attraction. In addition to skateboarding, you can ride inlines, bmx and kickbike.