Filter system

Our air cleaning filter system is fully consistent with current environmental thinking and meets the applicable environmental/health and safety requirements by a good margin. The purity of the air downstream of our filter is <1 mg particulate/Nm³.

The filter system can be used in many applications where contaminated air needs to be filtered – not just in connection with blasting processes.

Our FinFilter allows for the recirculation of heated air - reducing energy consumption while at the same time improving the work environment.


Our filter is a cartridge trap filter intended for dry, non-fibrous dust. The filter is designed for continuous operation and is automatically cleaned through an automatic counter-current compressed air process.

The dust-laden gas stream is carried into the filter's dust pocket where its speed is reduced and heavier particulate matter falls into the dust collector (which is sealed onto the lower section of the dust pocket). When the gas stream turns upwards it only contains the finest particulate matter. This reduces the wear on the filter medium. The dust is separated on the outside of the cartridge and clean gas continues on through the filter medium to the fan.

The cartridges are cleaned automatically by compressed air. Good ventilation of the machines reduces wear, thus increasing their service life.

Our filters are very reliable and very easy to maintain



The Bäckman FinFilter is a micro filter intended for dry dust.

The particle removal rate is 99.99% for particles >0.3/μm. The inertia and diffusion effect in the filter medium means that particulate matter smaller than 0.3/μm is also removed.

The FinFilter is connected downstream of the fan on the coarse filter unit. It cleans the air that has undergone initial cleaning in the filter unit so that it can be released into the room raising the temperature of the indoor air. This achieves energy savings and an improvement in air quality because negative pressure, and therefore draughts in the premises, is reduced. During the summer, when heating is not needed, the cleaned air can be directed out into the open air.

Our FinFilter is very reliable and very easy to maintain.

For further information please contact Mats Blåder telephone + 46 703 34 56 33.