Our solutions are a secure investment for the future

As the largest manufacturer of blast equipment in the Nordic region we can offer a wide range of machines. With over 50 years of experience, and many satisfied customers the world over, we are experts in supplying optimised solutions for every type of need. And this applies just as much to standard machines as to customised solutions.

When you choose Bäckman's you get a supplier which designs machines based on your current and future requirements. This means that the choice of equipment is tailored to blasting results; the choice of blast media; and how much the machine will be used. This way we can guarantee the best possible return on your investment.

With the right level of service and maintenance our blast machines have an impressive service life, safeguarding your production line and guaranteeing a strong resale value. Naturally we offer leasing, buy-back and second hand machines to interested customers.

And because all of our manufacturing, development and service is based in Sweden, our availability is high, our service costs low and any downtime is minimised.

All of our blast installations are designed and manufactured to meet the applicable CE directives.